6 Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

Essential Oils
Essential Oils

Recently, we have noted millions of cases with an elevated level of pressure in the blood circulation system. But, maintaining the pressure in optimal conditions is a very much important factor to keep all the bodily functions in ideal condition. So, if it went out, this may make damages to lots of internal organs including kidney, lung tissues and even liver in rare cases. We know, nowadays, we can find several recommended medications under a number of pharmacological brands. But, if you would, it will be the most beneficial factor to try for natural herbal agents more than these chemically processed solutions. Isn’t it? That is why the scientists have started to pay their attention to the use of essential oils for high blood pressure. However, still, anyone doesn’t provide a hundred present concluded ideas on whether someone can totally replace the drugs with these agents. Yet, they are recommending to use this solution along with other recommended pills.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

6 The best essential oils for blood pressure…


No doubt, many of you may have experienced the calming effect of lavender with varying kinds of fragrance. Actually, this is a popular oil variety used in many relaxation therapies such as body spas. But, there is really a positive effect of minimizing blood pressure. Thus, often, the expert’s suggest to use it on a regular basis along with your usual medications.


Actually, there a nothing much to explain the calming features of oil taken after putting rose pedals under high tension. If you have enjoyed the smell of blooming roses in the early morning at least once, you may have an experience of how it changes your mood and day. So, definitely, you may enjoy a similar benefit with the oil as well. Thus, often the experts state the use of inhalation method with this oil variety to put a positive effect over blood flow.


Yes! There are many varieties of Neroli in the world. But, often the recommended variety for this purpose is the ayurvedic type. It says this variety has many beneficial effects with seven herbal qualities. Hence, we can keep our belief in the effect of condensed Neroli juice and oils.

The continuation of three other ideal choices…


Several studies done in the near past has proven the effect of Citronella in managing excessive pressure puts by circulating fluids on blood vessels. Thus, you may have a try with this herbal agent. Once you experienced it’s benefits, definitely, you will never give up using this wonderful herbal therapy forever.

Clary sage

As the results of recent studies, we can believe the effect of this oil variety in treating many kinds of bodily impairments. Actually, it will work to minimize the heart rate of a person. So, as the ultimate results of prolonged use, you may be able to totally stay away from the chemical-related drug therapies.


This is also the most beneficial oil variety for the purpose of minimizing communicable diseases.

The things to keep in mind…

Even though there are many kinds of natural solutions as this, do not think to replace drugs at once. No matter, how beneficial the essential oil for high blood pressure, if you didn’t practice other actions recommended by experts such as exercises, dietary adaptations, it will not give effective results. So, you have to wait until you see the preferred level through the sphygmomanometer for at least three consecutive months to take the decision of whether to replace the drugs or not. Well, finally, we would like to invite you to share the facts mentioned here with your loved ones. It will help someone to wake up a dying heart!