Paternal Grandmother 2022 - You Are The Core of Our Family For Forever

Paternal Grandmother
Paternal Grandmother

The family is the basic organization in this society. There are nuclear families as well as extended families in it. The nuclear means the family which is having two generations including a married couple and their children whereas there are three generations in extended ones including grandmothers and fathers. Hence, it is a bit huge one with so many members. Most of the time we can see paternal grandmothers and fathers are there with their sons while maternal grand generations are in somewhere else with their male children. In here paternal means the father’s side while maternal means the mother’s side. Being with all those generations is funny and safe measures for children. But, there are some incidences which can happen so many conflicts as well. Hence, as the community of Grandma, we have to take our all the efforts to keep our children in a happy mood.

Paternal grandmother vs maternal grandmother conflicts

The conflict between maternal and paternal parties is a common problem in many of the traditional families. Actually, if I say all those are useless, it is correct! Your own children are the ones who suffer from these problems. Most probably, these conflicts are due to jealousy. But, no any grandmother agrees to say yes for it. In addition to that, they create so many stories to provide reasonabilities for their complaint. This is the same for both the side. Most probably this happens when arranging patties, lunch or dinners or when visiting the maternal side.

Sometimes, the paternal grandma is not willing to see her grandchildren with a member of the maternal party. But, keep in mind, they are the parents of your daughter-in-law, they also have the same rights on your grandsons as you. Being with jealousy will not create any happiness other than the sadness and problem. Hence, try your best to cope up with these situations in a positive way!

Paternal grandmother has the biggest responsibility of grandchildren!

Yes! Actually, you are the next responsible person for the altitudes of your grandsons and daughters. They will spend lots of time with you. It is more than the time spending with their parents. Therefore, always try to be the second mother for them. They really love to be with you. They really love to hear your stories. If you could offer this happiness for these little ones you will be happy for forever. That is the only pleasure you have now!

You can teach them sweet little songs, stories and good habits in a kind way. Helping to finish their homework is another wonderful happiest moment for Grandmas. Ultimately, they will be proud of you. That is the only things you can earn now!

Before becoming a Grandma, be a mother for your daughter in law!

This is the biggest fact you forgotten frequently. Your daughter in law is also a daughter of someone else. She also has the strongest side as well as weaknesses as your own daughters. Hence, do not try always to search for her mistakes. Take some time to help her. She will not expect all the things to be done by yourself. But, if you could call her in a kind way when she is doing works after arriving from her office, she will be calm in a few minutes. If you do not love the mother of your grandchildren how can you love for them and your son?

Becoming Grandma is not a joke!

Yes actually, it is a role with so many responsibilities. You can keep a house in a calm and quiet manner and also you can make it a house of the devil if you want. Hence, all the responsibilities are in your hand!

The grandchildren should take care of their grandma

The grandsons and children also have the responsibilities to look after you when needed. If they are older, they may understand it with acquired qualities. But, if they are not matured that much, do not expect it in advanced. In addition to that, once the time came, teach them these good habits. The little ones may understand anything gradually with your teachings. It is also will be an investment in the future!

Take this home message As the maternal grandmothers, our role is appreciable in many setups. We are older ones with lots of past experiences. Therefore, we have the responsibilities to make this world as heaven. Therefore, let’s share the happiness all around the world. Do you need to know how? Then, keep reading our best posts.